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Fiestas Patronales
August 1 - August 15

The Celebration of the "Virgen de Asunta", takes place in the district of Chachapoyas, within the province of the same name, in the department of Amazonas.

It is a celebration of a religious character, where folklore and devotion are linked to the celebration of the cult of this virgin, called Mama Assunta by the locals and who is venerated since her arrival in the village, 1940s.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
May 27 - Present-day

The Kuelap aerial cableway system is already a reality since last January. In a first stage will operate about 26 cableways with 8 passengers each.

Thanks to the cableway, the journey to the fortress of Kuelap from the "Nuevo Tingo", which consisted of 32 kilometers with its 90 minutes of travel, is reduced to only 20 minutes from the town of "Nuevo Tingo" traveling 4 kilometers.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, the cost will be S /.20.

Raymi Llaqta
Jun 1 - Jun 11

Popular festivitie of the city of Chachapoyas, capital of the department of Amazonas. During its development the inhabitants of Chachapoyas show their traditions, music, dance and other cultural expressions.

During the festivitie they sell typical dishes, such as shipasmute, purtumute, guinea pig with potatoes, cecina, chachapoyanos breads, sweets of elder and more. The central day, June 7, is held the Fire Festival or Nina Raymi, in which attendees will be able to appreciate dances around the fire in the Plaza de Armas de Chachapoyas.

At night fireworks are launched and the event culminates with a general dance that counts on the presence of artists of the moment. The Raymi Llaqta was created in 1996 and seeks to revalue the living cultural manifestations of Amazonas.

Independence Day
Jul 28 - Jul 29

Peru's Independence day is the national celebrations celebrating the Independence of Peru. They consist officially of two days:

July 28, in commemoration of the declaration of Independence in Lima by Don Jose de San Martín.

July 29, in honor of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Peru and the National Police of Peru.

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